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Accounts Payable Automation

OCR Advance Capture and Workflow Make Accounts Payable Automation a Breeze

EMC Captiva Invoice Capture and ECM ToolBox, COMPUCOM can bring complete Accounts Payable Automation to your business.

EMC Captiva Invoice Capture

EMC Captiva Invoice Capture transforms paper invoices into digital images, automatically capturing, validating, and delivering invoice data into workflow process, enterprise content management (ECM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounts payables, and other back-end systems.

By automating the capture and validation of invoices, organizations reduce processing times, streamline the approval process, and shorten invoice-retrieval times to seconds. Businesses gain better visibility into the overall accounts payable process and can take advantage of early payment discounts for significant cost savings.

Captiva Invoice Capture delivers:

  • Invoice data capture – Reduce manual data entry by automatically recognizing invoice data including line item details
  • Vendor invoice identification – Improve productivity by recognizing vendor invoices easily, without presorting or manual steps
  • Business rules and validation – Take advantage of simplified validation of purchase order and invoice data, using hundreds of built-in business rules
  • Automatic document learning – Intelligently learn new vendor invoice documents in production, streamlining the setup and ongoing maintenance of an invoice capture project
  • Integration with SAP – Deliver captured invoice data directly into SAP
  • Single, multipage invoices – Handle single and multi-page invoices without manual processing steps.
  • Exception handling – Route problem invoices to queue for quick problem resolution
  • Seamless integration – Leverage Captiva Invoice Capture flow that's been revised to use Captiva Desktop and put directly into SAP
  • Ease-of-use enhancements – Improve invoice recognition accuracy and localized support

ECM ToolBox

AP Invoice Workflow Module for EMC ApplicationXtender

ECM Toolbox's AP Invoice Workflow is a rapidly deployed, out-of-the-box, turnkey accounts payable workflow automation solution that leverages EMC's ApplicationXtender (AX) document software and the

ECM Toolbox workflow engine. Organizations can begin using AP Invoice Workflow within two weeks of submitting their order.

The magic of AP Invoice Workflow is that users have a simple interface that provides full control of the AP workflow process within AX.

ECM Toolbox's AP Workflow is a completely web-based invoice processing solution that:
  • Streamlines the order-to-pay cycle
  • Automates invoice verifications and approvals by activity owners
  • Processes invoices with POs, expense vouchers, recurring payments and expense accruals
  • Offers advanced document management functionality
  • Transforms paper-based approvals into electronic approvals
  • Interfaces with your ERP software
  • Allows you to Create and Manage Your Workflows – IT Department Free

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage
Records Management Solutions

If you have staff members in branch or field offices, on the road or working from home Cloud Storage may be a solution to your record access needs.

With COMPU-WEB your files are digitally scanned and organized according to your specifications, then archived on COMPUCOM's secure cloud storage server. Your authorized users can instantly access

files using a common internet browser. This capability saves significant time, and improves operations, accounting and customer service functions.

Advanced security features enable you to safely share documents with employees, customers or partners. There is no capital investment or labor required and you can be up and running quickly and with minimal training.


Save, share, sync, and backup documents and data instantly – without compromising time or sensitive information. Konica Minolta's FileAssist is a cloud storage based document management service that allows every business to securely access mission critical data from anywhere in the world, at anytime.


Syncplicity is an enterprise-grade online file-sharing and mobile collaboration solution. Backed by EMC, it provides users with an experience they love and gives IT the security and control it needs.



MetaStor™ is a COMPUCOM's cloud-based storage offering of the EMC ApplicationXtender™ suite of products providing a secure online document and content management system allowing you to retrieve, view and manage content using standard browsers and enable e-business or ecommerce applications.

MetaStor provides any document anywhere at anytime via the web with all of the functionality of a premise-based content management system. MetaStor also provides that same functionality with remote access using MetaStor's Metamobil application using an iPhone™ or iPad™.


The IntelliCloud™ Document Workflow Management suite enables Small and Midsize Enterprises (SMEs) to easily capture paper or digital documents and connect them to business processes to reduce costs while increasing accessibility, security, and compliance.

Key Benefits:
  • With IntelliCloud your important documents are now fully secure, compliant to industry regulations, backed up and authorized access is limited to select users.
  • Operational costs fall dramatically by reducing wasted time filing and retrieving documents and eliminating lost and misfiled documents. IntelliCloud can even identify missing documents.
  • IntelliCloud can be fully implemented and production ready in days, and will deliver tremendous value to your organization immediately. All interfaces are user friendly and intuitive which reduces training time and maximizes full adoption.
  • IntelliCloud works in harmony with all current work processes and is also an excellent catalyst to improve out-moted processes.

Key Features:
  • Document storage is cloud based (optional private cloud storage and in-house storage)
  • IntelliCloud has many pre-built workflows which are designed for specialized industry vertical and departmental needs
  • One Button Integration with most multifunction printers/ scanners
  • Additional users and departments can be easily added
  • IntelliCloud delivers value day one and can accommodate any business process
  • When using Intellicloud ALL documents are fully searchable
  • Audit ShieldTM is a comprehensive exception reporting engine that identifies missing documents quickly and easily

Common Uses for Cloud Records Management Solutions:
  • Accounts Payable
  • Contracts
  • Real Estate and Land Use Files
  • Loan Files

Computer Output Microfiche

COMCOM is the ideal method for inexpensively storing large amounts of data in permanent film format. Files directly from your computer system are converted to microfiche that is free of the long term constraints of technology changes, allowing you to create the perfect secure low-cost archive.

Data can be submitted via tape (in numerous formats), FTP or email and turnaround is typically same day service. Delivery of the finished product is done by our own couriers. Inexpensive duplicate microfiche can be easily distributed to remote locations without the worry of computer standards. Microfiche also acts as a back-up for on-line systems and purged files.

Common Uses:
  • Balance Journals
  • Invoice Registers
  • Inventory Reports
  • Payroll Registers

COMPU-COLD Data Backup Disks

Large volumes of active data are brought under control with COMPU-COLD Data Backup. Placing indexed computer based records on CD or DVD provides off-linesearchable data resulting in fast and inexpensive information distribution. Files are accepted via tape (in numerous formats) or FTP.

COMPU-COLD Data Backup saves your data to a CD or DVD, providing over 200,000 pages and has a self-contained custom index that is password protected. Searches are completed in seconds, making this the ideal tool for active usage or distribution of time critical information.

Common Uses for COMPU-COLD Data BackupCOMPU-COLD Data Backup
  • Financial Statements
  • Price Lists
  • Accounting Records
  • Invoice Reports
  • Contract Information

Office Efficiency Consulting

Consulting Services

Complete Records Management and Office Efficiency Consulting

We offer Records Management and Office Efficiency Consulting services in the following:
  • Document Capture.
  • Scanner Selection, Installation and Training.
  • Document Management Strategy.
  • Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS), both Cloud-based (SAAS) and Client Server-based.
  • Electronic Records Management.
  • Workflow and Business Process Management Solutions.
  • Electronic Forms Solutions (E-Forms).
  • Automated Forms Processing.
  • Invoice Processing.
  • Human Resource Processing.
  • Retention / Compliance Software.
  • Systems integration with SAP, ERP, Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • Mobile Technologies.

COMPUCOM Inc. will evaluate your existing software, hardware, and conversion needs to ensure selection of the best possible package of applications, equipment, and services. The resulting system will be address your existing resources, your needs, be easy to use, integrate with your existing infrastructure and most of all be cost-effective.

Digital Document Scanning & Conversion Services

COMPUCOM Digital Document Scanning & Conversion Services can scan all types and sizes of paper documents, including checks, receipts, ledgers, journals, contracts, books, blueprints, maps and more.

The Document Conversion process uses flatbed, rotary or large format scanners from Kodak and Fujitsu. The finished images can be merged with other files or used in an independent data file.

Throughout the document scanning phase, our operators monitor for quality and accuracy to ensure all the information is clearly visible. Next we create multi-level retrieval fields to help users quickly access desired documents from their computer. As many as 15,000 digital documents can be stored on a single CD and we can create as many duplicates as you wish.

Portability is a key benefit of Document Conversion. The CD, DVD, or Flash Drive containing your files is accessed with password protected security. Above all else, you can enjoy the efficient use of scanned images without an investment in hardware, document conversion software or the related labor necessary to capture your paper documents – let COMPUCOM do it!

Common Uses:
  • Accounts Payable
  • Contracts
  • Legal files
  • Loan file
  • Real Estate Records

Electronic Document Management

COMPUCOM has been providing Document Management solutions in Western Pennsylvania and the surrounding area since 1978. Our Digital service solutions began in 1990.

We constantly strive to have a full range of business process management capabilities available to you to improve your business performance and reduce your costs.

Electronic document management solutions allows COMPUCOM to do this by transforming your existing paper-based processes.

COMPUCOM's Electronic Document Management solutions can be Cloud-based or On-Premise. Solutions can be as simple as scanned .pdf files that you store on a thumb drive or shared network drive. More sophisticated capture and workflow solutions provide process management, forms design, business analysis tools, and the ability to manage business processes centrally. Our solutions easily integrate with your existing applications to improve efficiency and cost savings.

EMC Content Management Solutions Showcase


Wrap information, process, and collaboration with governance policies that track and protect work, then make it all mobile and cloud enabled. That's how companies like yours transform their businesses to increase performance with enterprise content management.

Technical Field Service

Combining years of experience with state-of-the-art training our Technical Field Service staff is equipped to provide comprehensive equipment support.

Our Technical Field Service group is responsible for the configuration, installation, training and support of the imaging systems we sell. Their day to day involvement with our customers gives them an excellent perspective on what is needed to maintain this robust and sometimes complex product line.

Document imaging systems are designed to make business run more efficiently. The Digital Services Group helps you get the most out of your investment through proper utilization and creative application of the systems capabilities.

Extensive experience in all phases of document imaging and computer connectivity mean our technicians are able to offer more than a simple repair. Instead they act as consultants, guiding you in the use and expansion this valuable information tool.

We provide maintenance programs that include subscription support from the software developer to ensure your installation remains up-to-date with all releases. Most importantly, our technicians are available for real-time response to all of your needs.

Micrographics / Analog
Whether it be a preventative maintenance agreement, on site repair or assistance with upgrading your equipment, our technicians deliver fast and dependable service. Factory training and continuing education keep us up-to-date on the latest advances.

Our Technical Field Service technicians are locally dispatched; when you call our service desk you are speaking with someone familiar with your organization and your installation. Our complete inventory of spare parts ensures quick response and minimal downtime.

Contact us for repairs on:
  • Microfilm Reader Printers
  • Film Viewers
  • Film Processors and Duplicators
  • Konica Minolta Printers and MFP's
  • Document Scanners
  • Microfilm Cameras
  • Other Document Imaging Products

Kodak – Fujitsu – ST ViewScan – Konica Minolta

Microfilm Digital Conversion

With Microfilm Digital Conversion, turn any standard Microfilm, and Microfiche into Digital Images

Microfilm Digital ConversionWith state of the art film scanners, COMPUCOM Inc. can scan any standard microfilm format and create digital images. These images can be uploaded into an existing electronic document management system for viewing over your network or the Internet. We can also store the images on flash drives, CD's, and DVD's. Microfilm Digital Conversion can eliminate the clutter of microfilm while preserving it in a much more rugged storage medium. COMPUCOM can even make all of the microfilm searchable. Meaning, doing research doesn't require digging through miles of film.

Microfilm Document Imaging

Microfilm Document Imaging, a film based imaging of paper records, is a time proven method of saving space, labor and money for any business.

Any organization that is required to preserve records will benefit from the longevity of Microfilm Document Imaging. Film based imaging of paper records is a time proven method of saving space, labor and money.

Microfilm Document ImagingUtilizing our complementary state-of-the-art facility, COMPUCOM creates files on film in all standard formats – 16mm, 35mm and microfiche – that are accessed easily with standard microform readers and reader-printers. Our rotary and planetary cameras feature automatic exposure controls and complete numbering and page mark blip capabilities.

At COMPUCOM, we adhere to stringent microfilm processing techniques as outlined by Kodak® and its Data Conversion Center® guidelines where we regularly earn the highest marks for film processing quality.

Common Uses:
  • Banking Documents
  • Contracts
  • Drawings and Maps
  • Government records and all files subject to archival storage requirements

COMPUCOM is an Authorized Kodak® Microfilm Document Imaging Center

Mobile Applications

EMC's ApplicationXtender & MetaSource's MetaStor is Mobile with MetaMobil™

MetaMobil Flexibility
Your EMC ApplicationXtender or MetaStor content is just a touch and a slide away! With MetaMobil, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android smartphones and Android tablets users can now have Enterprise Content Management with them on the road, all in the palm of their hands – delivering a true “any document, anytime, anywhere” mobile experience.

MetaMobil Availability
MetaMobil is a downloadable app from Apple App Store and Google Play that allows current ApplicationXtender and MetaStor users to gain access to stored documents via mobile devices. The App provides quick access to MetaSource's Content Management System web site, What's New web site and Support Site. Download it for free today and try it out for yourself! The App comes preconfigured to access to the demo site of our cloud-based version of ApplicationXtender. Contact support or email to connect to your system.

MetaMobil Simplicity
MetaMobil is easily configured to access any ApplicationXtender content management repository including MetaStor and provides a rich user experience that includes the following functionality:
  • Simple AX Server / Data Source configuration supporting
  • Ad-hoc & Saved Query support
  • Search, View, Export document for free
  • Supports KeyRef, AutoIndex, Move Pages
  • Share documents via email mobile links
  • Optional notification support to receive the latest
MetaMobil Add-Ons
Additional functionality provided with the purchase of MetaSource Mobile Server Component:
  • Import Document or Page from Camera, Photos & Apps
  • Versioning support Check-Out / Check-In / Undo Check-out
  • Delete Document, Page and Page Version Support
  • Move Document Page

Auxiliary Output Services

Existing microfilm, scanned images or data files in need of format conversion?

Not a problem with COMPUCOM Auxiliary Output Services…

At COMPUCOM we have the equipment and expertise necessary to complete your project – on time and on budget.

With Auxiliary Output Services count on a quick response to your needs for court cases, audits and other time sensitive projects. Unmatched equipment selection and operational expertise are available to relieve you of the burden of a surprise assignment.

Our services include:

Digital Image:
  • Conversion from microfilm to digital image in .tif or .pdf format.
  • Conversion from digital image to microfilm.
  • Printing to paper from digital image.
  • CD duplication and printing.
  • OCR data capture and report building.

  • Printing of microfilm and microfiche to plain bond paper.
  • Developing and duplication of 16mm, 35mm or microfiche.
  • Large scale drawings to roll film and aperture cards.
Call today at 412-562-0296 for details.