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ApplicationXtender Content Management Software

ApplicationXtender Content Management Software: Minimize the Cost & Risk of Paper.

ApplicationXtender Content Management Software is an instant document management solution. It increases productivity by streamlining the capture and management of documents. The software scans, stores, retrieves and preserves information. It also provides role-based access from either a desktop interface or web browser.

ApplicationXtender really shines when it comes to its out-of-box deployment. Meaning it instantly provides document imaging and retention management capabilities and immediate integration with existing software. Integration with other software and systems is seamless and allows your business to keep the programs you've grown accustomed to, yet still benefit from an integrated content management system.
Also included:
• Information security
Leverage robust information controls such as watermarking, rights expiration, and guest access.
• Protection beyond the firewall
Secure sensitive information even after it exits the repository or passes beyond the organizational firewall.
• Access control
Specify with document field-level precision which users or groups of users are able to access information.
• User-driven controls
Empower end users with dynamic information controls to revoke or alter access permissions to sensitive information.
• Version control
Ensure only the current version of a document is accessible to users

ApplicationXtender Reports Management

EMC ApplicationXtender Reports Management

EMC ApplicationXtender Reports Management facilitates the electronic presentation of statements, bills, invoices, policies, contracts, and other business information. It is able to handle advanced print streams as well as traditional computer output to laser disk (COLD) text formats. ApplicationXtender Reports Management significantly reduces costs associated with paper, film, and microfiche.

ApplicationXtender Reports Management is an electronic reports management (ERM) solution that maintains the format of print stream reports to ensure exact replication in PDF format. It also provides a powerful data extraction tool for intelligent parsing and indexing of reports.

EMC ApplicationXtender Reports Management delivers:
• Automatic report indexing — Process, index, and store reports within ApplicationXtender as they are produced.
• Advanced print streams support — Preserve advanced formatting with support for AFP, Metacode, PCL, and PDF print streams as well as traditional formats such as ASCII and EBCDIC.
• Dynamic print streams — Comingle print streams and leverage dynamic formatting within print streams.
• High-fidelity electronic display — Display electronic reports in same format as print versions, improving customer service.
• System monitoring — Audit system use and performance and confirm job completion.
• Long-term report archiving — Provide long-term retention of report information.

Document Capture Software

At COMPUCOM, we realize that np two businesses are the same, and subsequently, we realize we need to be able to meet that demand by offering a wide range of document capture software. The right document capture software will allow your business to take advantage of all the information you've collected throughout the years. Imagine automatically having personnel or accounts payable paperwork filed in the proper place without having to do anything more than feed a sheet of paper through a scanner.

From basic tasks such as capturing images and creating network shared .pdf's, to complete Intelligent Document Recognition, we have a diverse catalogue of document capture software. In some of the most advanced systems we are able to Capture, Classify, Extract, and validate all the input data automatically. We are then able to deliver information and images to databases and to content repositories such as EMC Documentum, EMC ApplicationXtender, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Email Management Software

Email Management SoftwareEMC SourceOne Email Management Software for IBM Lotus Notes Domino and Microsoft ExchangeEMC SourceOne Email Management Software for IBM Lotus Notes Domino and Microsoft Exchange helps to reduce operational costs while enforcing email record-keeping policies in compliance with internal governance as well as industry and governmental regulations.
EMC SourceOne Email Management for IBM Lotus Notes Domino and Microsoft Exchange improves user productivity, providing seamless access to archived content. Proactive information management helps with litigation readiness.

EMC SourceOne Email Supervisor

EMC SourceOne Email Supervisor extends the capabilities of EMC SourceOne email archiving solutions, allowing for easy monitoring of inbound and outbound email for compliance with corporate policies, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulations, and governance mandates. EMC SourceOne Email Supervisor reduces liability risks including disclosure of intellectual property, lack of discretion, or unsatisfactory customer service interactions.



Save, share, sync, and backup documents and data instantly – without compromising time or sensitive information. Konica Minolta's FileAssist is a cloud-based document management service that allows every business to securely access mission critical data from anywhere in the world, at anytime.

Online File Sharing & Collaboration
FileAssist allows secure document sharing without the need to look for resources outside company walls. It also eliminates the need to transfer large files, reduces the risk of compromising information security via email sharing, and helps simplify document collaboration via version control mechanisms.

Security & Compliance
FileAssist provides the necessary tools to meet rigorous privacy, security and legal requirements across a broad range of industries, allowing highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, legal, government and financial services to work within a private cloud environment. (HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, SSAE16, PCI and ISO 27002). Data is encrypted in transit and at rest in order to ensure superior security.

Intrusion Protection & Prevention
Advanced, multi-tiered security protocols work together in layers to protect the network at all times. Security-monitoring software includes intrusion detection, virus scanning, system logs and notifications of suspicious activity in real-time.

Automated File Backup, Data Restore & Synchronization
Via FileAssist, organizational information is stored in a private cloud gateway and service-oriented architecture with stringent compliance standards. Data is encrypted in transfer and at rest.

Robust Administrative Console
Administrators can define global policies to meet internal and regulatory policies, as well as create customized user level access, connection boundaries, stringent data access rules and customized file retention rules. FileAssist also offers workflow templates to streamline complex storage and archival requirements.

State-of-the-Art Data Center
The FileAssist service is hosted in a highly secure data center environment, using Enterprise-grade infrastructure that is deployed and managed 24/7 by All Covered.

Tracking & Audit Features
Essential tracking controls allow administrators to closely monitor company data, and user action reports itemize newly created and deleted accounts, password resets, and status and profile changes for detailed administrative monitoring at all times.

Business Mobility and Continuity
FileAssist offers version control and continuous availability. By streamlining file sharing and workflow through a single portal, FileAssist offers synchronization, cross-platform compatibility, and mobile solutions within a single application and user experience.

Direct Integration
The bizhub Connector for FileAssist app allows seamless integration for securely scanning, storing and sharing of information. With this bizhub MarketPlace app, users can browse through the FileAssist folders, access files, scan documents into selected folders or upload them onto any of the other FileAssist-enabled devices, all at the MFP panel.

EMC DiskXtender for Windows

EMC DiskXtender Software – File Archiving for Windows

EMC DiskXtender: Storage management software for Microsoft Windows environments. With DiskXtender, you can reduce costs by archiving files to backend storage with software that is easy to deploy and operate.
Free up storage capacity on the Windows host by archiving files to backend\secondary storage.

Speed up the backup process by reducing backup sets. Migrated\purged files will not be recalled during a backup.

Minimize legal and regulatory risk by migrating files to content addressed storage. Manage retention, access, and other requirements through policies.

Simplify data management and implement an information lifecycle management strategy to choose cost and service.

Archive to cloud: Archive data to EMC Atmos through EMC DiskXtender securely and efficiently.

Policy engine: Migrate data from primary storage to four archive devices simultaneously, reduce backup windows, and improve storage efficiency.

Information lifecycle management: Expire data from archive targets independently, implementing an ILM strategy based on access requirements and cost.

Transparent data access: Ensure that end-users and applications can access files regardless of storage location.

EMC Centera integration: Store fixed content automatically and prevent file modification or deletion.

Deduplication: Archive data to EMC Data Domain to benefit from deduplication and reduce costs.

Optical support: Leverage the latest standard for professional optical storage.


EMC's ApplicationXtender & MetaSource's MetaStor is Mobile with MetaMobil™

MetaMobil Flexibility
Your EMC ApplicationXtender or MetaStor content is just a touch and a slide away! You can use any smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android enabling users to have access to your Enterprise Content Management system on the road, all in the palm of their hands – delivering a true “any document, anytime, anywhere” mobile experience.
MetaMobil Availability
MetaMobil is a downloadable app from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store that allows current ApplicationXtender and MetaStor users to gain access to stored documents via mobile devices.

The App provides quick access to MetaSource's Content Management System web site, What's New web site and Support Site. Download it for free today and try it out for yourself! The App comes preconfigured to access to the demo site of our cloud-based version of ApplicationXtender. Contact support or email to connect to your system.

MetaMobil Simplicity
MetaMobil is easily configured to access any ApplicationXtender content management repository including MetaStor and provides a rich user experience that includes the following functionality:
• Simple AX Server / Data Source configuration supporting.
• Ad-hoc & Saved Query support.
• Search, View, Export document for free.
• Supports KeyRef, AutoIndex, Move Pages.
• Share documents via email mobile links.
• Optional notification support to receive the latest.
MetaMobil Add-Ons
Additional functionality provided with the purchase of MetaSource Mobile Server Component:
• Import Document or Page from Camera, Photos & Apps.
• Versioning support Check-Out / Check-In / Undo Check-out.
• Delete Document, Page and Page Version Support.
• Move Document Page.


The MetaStor Advantage™

MetaStor is a cloud-based Enterprise Content Management system that allows you to quickly retrieve, route and manage documents using standard browsers and mobile devices.
Rapidly Deployed
No installation required.
System is ready to use.
Easy to Use
Interface is clean and intuitive.
Users require little training.
Deploy the solution and go.
Simple Subscription Model
Unlimited users.
Involved for actual storage usage.
Disaster Recovery
Services-continuity plans implemented.
Server and Location Redundancy.
Real Time Replication.
Secure User Privileges
Controlled by multiple levels of security includes document level security.
Mobile Ready
Includes MetaMobil ™ for iOS and Android.
MetaStor ™
Is Simple Online Process Management.
• Reduce Labor Costs.
• Increase Productivity.
• Shorten Cycle Times.
MetaStor ™
Is Retention Management.
• Minimize Risk.
• Eliminate Lost Files.
• Enforce Compliance and Retention Policies.
MetaStor ™
Is Secure.
• PCI Level 1, Version 3 certified.
• SOC/AT 101 Type II and HIPAA compliant.
• Data is Encrypted at Rest.
• Configurable Password Rules.
• Document Level Security.
• Customizable Audit Trails.


Finally, You Can Be Left To Your Own Devices

Seamless, Automatic Access to Documents
Syncplicity is an enterprise-grade online file sharing and mobile collaboration solution. Backed by EMC, it provides users with an experience they love and gives IT the security and control it needs.

File Sync & Access
• Sync any folder or desktop
• Include and exclude sub folders
• Automatic version control as files are saved
• Native clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows 8
• Online file browser with version history

• Beautifully designed native apps for major platforms (see Products in Action)
• Access any file on mobile devices without dragging-and-dropping
• Open and view common document types
• Edit and annotate documents without leaving the secure container (Enterprise Edition & Business Edition; iPad and Android only)
• Deliver Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with transitions and animations directly from your mobile device
• Securely share files from mobile devices
• “Favorite” files to automatically push content updates to devices for offline access
• Receive file change notifications as favorite files change

Sharing & Collaboration
• Share any folder to users or groups
• Share internally or externally with ease• Share folders with “read only” or “editor” permissions to protect files from unwanted updates
• Automatic push sync of content changes to all users and all devices
• Send large files via Secure Shared Links
• Shared link download monitoring and tracking (Android and iPad; iPhone coming soon)
• Follow files, folders, and shared links to get notifications of changes (Android only)
• Collaborate efficiently via Syncplicity Insights™ (Android and iPad; iPhone coming soon)
• Never miss a beat without file size or bandwith limits

You're safe with us!
Syncplicity is owned by EMC, the global leader in cloud, big data, and trusted IT. Businesses and governments worldwide rely on us to sync and share files, protect, and store content, and keep their teams running smoothly because we know file sharing and collaboration better than anybody. And nobody knows enterprise storage and security better than EMC.
Call today at 412-562-0296 for details.