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ApplicationXtender Content Management Software

A Digital Book Scanner can help you take your microform data and book form data and convert it to digital form. COMPUCOM has partnered with Konica Minolta and ST Imaging to bring you a tailored solution for all of your book and microform data. Check out each device below and download the brochures to learn more. If you have any questions or think a book scanner could help your business, give us a call or send us an email.
ApplicationXtender Content Management Software: Minimize the Cost & Risk of Paper.

ApplicationXtender Content Management Software is an instant document management solution. It increases productivity by streamlining the capture and management of documents. The software scans, stores, retrieves and preserves information. It also provides role-based access from either a desktop interface or web browser.

ApplicationXtender really shines when it comes to its out-of-box deployment. Meaning it instantly provides document imaging and retention management capabilities and immediate integration with existing software. Integration with other software and systems is seamless and allows your business to keep the programs you've grown accustomed to, yet still benefit from an integrated content management system.
Also included:
• Information security
Leverage robust information controls such as watermarking, rights expiration, and guest access.
• Protection beyond the firewall
Secure sensitive information even after it exits the repository or passes beyond the organizational firewall.
• Access control
Specify with document field-level precision which users or groups of users are able to access information.
• User-driven controls
Empower end users with dynamic information controls to revoke or alter access permissions to sensitive information.
• Version control
Ensure only the current version of a document is accessible to users

ApplicationXtender Reports Management

Document Capture Software

At COMPUCOM, we realize that np two businesses are the same, and subsequently, we realize we need to be able to meet that demand by offering a wide range of document capture software. The right document capture software will allow your business to take advantage of all the information you've collected throughout the years. Imagine automatically having personnel or accounts payable paperwork filed in the proper place without having to do anything more than feed a sheet of paper through a scanner.

From basic tasks such as capturing images and creating network shared .pdf's, to complete Intelligent Document Recognition, we have a diverse catalogue of document capture software. In some of the most advanced systems we are able to Capture, Classify, Extract, and validate all the input data automatically. We are then able to deliver information and images to databases and to content repositories such as EMC Documentum, EMC ApplicationXtender, and Microsoft SharePoint.

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